Veneers are a "treatment for all seasons" that can correct many types of cosmetic problems: covering discolored teeth, lengthening teeth, mending chips, even hiding spaces between teeth. They're that versatile.

When you decide to go ahead with placing the veneers, we'll begin with a functional and esthetic evaluation to determine what shape and contour is best for you. We may opt to prepare about .5mm of the tooth structure to "receive" the veneer. Then we'll take an impression and send it off to the lab for fabrication. You probably won't need a temporary covering, because we've left the dentin intact to protect sensitive nerves.



We choose to place porcelain veneers for qualities of strength, resistance to discoloration, biocompatibility and fit. The lab, from our impressions, casts a model and begins to build the veneers in layers. Our practice always specifies that veneers be constructed to cover the incisal edge--the biting edge of the tooth. This is insurance for strength. Further, we polish the edge that fits beneath the gumline so you experience perfect comfort, no irritation.

On the next visit, we'll look closely at the color and shape of the veneers before we place them. Then we clean and etch your front teeth chemically--this helps create the bond between tooth and veneer--bond the veneer in place, and cure the seal with a special light. We'll double-check the fit, and finally we polish your new veneers.

You might notice your teeth feel a little thicker, but this sensation will pass. What you will notice is a new quality to your smile.


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